Spring 2017 Williams Construction completed the removal, assembly, and replacement on the Newark Dumper Project in Arkansas. To date, Williams Construction has completed several dumper replacement projects. The Williams team is always excited to utilize their professional knowledge and insight on these critical projects.
– Demo and removal of the old dumper was 800 man hours. The lift for the removal was 280,000Ibs.
– Preparation and installation on new dumper was 960 man hours. New dumper lift was 268,000Ibs.
– A new grizzly system was put in place including new dumper to operate on, the steel beams alone weighed just over 16,000Ibs.
– Assembly of the new dumper and some building mods were done during a pre-outage in 4 weeks. Removal of the old dumper and installation of the new dumper were done during a 4 week plant outage.