Arkansas Power Plant Rotary Coal Dumper Replacement

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Arkansas Power Plant Rotary Coal Dumper Replacement

To date, Williams Construction has successfully completed four coal dumper replacement projects. The team at Williams has found a niche in completing critical coal dumper projects. We are able to utilize the expertise of our project managers, safety team, and highly skilled field team to ensure that these jobs are done correctly, safely and timely.

To complete this job, Williams Construction removed the current rotary coal dumper with a CC2200 DEMAG crane making a 280,000 lb lift. The assembly of a new car dumper took place outside the building, then the Williams Team used the crane to lift the new coal dumper into the building through the roof.

Key Stats:

  • 11700 Man Hours
  • Assembly was completed during a pre-outage in 4 weeks.
  • Zero hours of lost time due to safety incidents