We want to congratulate Daniel Johnson on his recent promotion to Operator Foreman.

Starting as an Operator Journeyman two years ago, Daniel quickly showed his expertise in his craft. Daniel is also known Although Sara has worked in IT field since 1999, she recently decided to expand her education and completed her Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis on Cyber Security. Welcome aboard Sara, we are delighted to have you on the Williams team. to go the extra mile by lending a helping hand and working outside his obligations.

Daniel grew up near Pea Ridge Arkansas, where he enjoyed playing baseball and discovered his passion for equipment watching his grandfather operate bulldozers. In his short time at Williams, Daniel has been a key team member on several complex projects. Daniel mentioned that one of his favorite projects was the Forced Main Lift Station Replacement completed earlier this year. Daniel was also a member of the team that traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, for a Tandem Dumper Replacement.

Congratulations, Daniel, we are honored to have you on our team; you are a true example of what dedication and hard work can get you in this industry.