Williams Construction understands the details required to work in an aerospace facility, completing over 200 maintenance and capital projects per year. Our team has spent 15 years supplementing everyday maintenance needs at Spirit AeroSystems.

Featured Experience:

  • SKIN MILL FOUNDATION: Installation of foundation system in existing occupied building, including monolithic pouring of conveyor trenches with the foundation.
  • AUTOMATED ULTRASONIC SCANNING SYSTEM: Relocation of three AUSS systems, Includes disassembly and relocation of AUSS structure (columns, beams, bridge, and rails), alignment after reassembly, installation of dolly support structure, relocation of control buildings, measuring equipment, and concrete infill of abandoned AUSS pits.
  • G650 REARRANGEMENT: Relocation of tooling fixtures and reconfiguration of work platforms.


Recent Experience:

  • Bond Room Construction, Rearrangements and Tool Movement Fabrication etc.
  • 78 Facilities Realignment
  • Weld and Tooling Shops Relocations
  • Switchgear, Transformer Foundations and Buildings


  • Skin Mill, Waterjet, Drill Machine and Slug Riveter Foundations
  • Facility Utility Distribution
  • Relocation of Ovens, Trim Booths, AUSS and Leak Test Equipment
  • Installation of Automatic Drill Machines