Williams Construction knows fertilizer plants inside-out. We have completed a wide range of projects in the industry, including disassembling, transporting, and re-assembling entire fertilizer plants. Our knowledge of how these plants operate allows us to assist our fertilizer industry clients in planning shutdowns, turnarounds, and capital projects.


Featured Experience:

  • AMMONIA CONVERTER AND HEATER INSTALLATION: Installation of 623,000 Ib ammonia converters, pipe racks, heater, and exchanger foundations.
  • PLANT REACTIVATION: Disassembly of all equipment values and catalysts for plant relocation. Installation of piers, structural steel and foundation support. Rebuild and repair of plant injection well.
  • PLANT DISASSEMBLY: Disassembled and securing of two 75-ton ammonia plants for transportation, including Worthington compressors and Clark compressors.


Recent Experience:

  • Water Demineralization Building Foundations¬†and Building Erection
  • Water Demineralization Equipment Installation
  • Ammonia Reactors
  • Acid Converters
  • Acid Absorbers


  • Ammonia Converters, Heaters and Plant Compressors
  • Process Piping Repairs and Relocations
  • Modification of Structural Building to Accept New Converter
  • Rod Mill Replacements
  • Run Tank Agitator Replacement
  • Heat Exchangers