As we come to the end of another outstanding year, I’m honored to have the opportunity to reflect on all that we have accomplished as a company over the past 12 months as well the ability to take an introspective look at what lies ahead for Williams Construction Co. as we move into 2020.

In 2019, we made large strides to exceed client expectations and embody our longstanding mission to be Critical Project Specialists. A significant amount of focus and resources were dedicated throughout the year to numerous on-going and completed projects at the Data Center in Pryor as well as a Tandem Rotary Coal Dumper replacement in Baltimore, Maryland. Although both projects were extremely challenging and time sensitive, our teams worked tirelessly to ensure things were completed on time and to the highest standard!

During 2019, Williams Construction Co. surpassed a milestone of 1,000,000 man-hours without an OSHA recordable safety incident. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment given the difficult and dangerous work that is performed by our crews day in and day out in harsh and sometimes dangerous environments.

The strong safety culture Williams exudes is the result of combined individual and group efforts towards demonstrating daily the values, attitudes, practices, goals and proficiency in the organization’s health and safety program. Responsibility for encouraging the safety culture at Williams may start with management, but it takes the effort of each and every employee employee in the company to become successful. Everyone has a role in this effort and must be committed to keeping themselves and others safe on the job site.

We start the new year with a positive outlook and a number of goals in place to ensure our success. As always, at the forefront of everything we do is our core focus as a company, “To improve the lives of our clients, employees, their families and the community”. We continue to have a strong backlog of work and are committed to carrying out our marketing strategy as well as maintaining our high safety and quality standards.

Williams Construction Co. will celebrate its 67th year of continued success in business during 2020. This success could not be possible without the hard-working and talented employees (both past and present) that I have had the opportunity to work with over the years. This compassion and dedication to the company, the industry, and our clients will continue to provide specialized and critical construction and maintenance services for many years to come.

With every new year comes greater opportunities and challenges in life. I wish you courage, hope, and faith as you step into a safe and blessed New Year.

Michael McGehee
Williams Construction Co.