The close of this quarter came with completion of the second phase of our office remodel. Phase 2 of construction featured a complete remodel of the existing, original office space.

Construction began with a complete demo of existing casework, fixtures, wall studs and drywall, lighting and plumbing fixtures, HVAC, exterior facial and soffit panels, and roof. Once the demolition was complete, the concrete slab was ground, polished and sealed for the new entry and hallway. The new offices were then framed in with metal studs, sheetrock installed and accompanying ductwork, fire sprinkler, lighting, power and data lines.

The existing entry was torn out and replaced with an all glass store front with an ADA motorized door. Exterior glass windows were installed, as well as large glass panels in each of the new offices. Theold RTU’s were replaced, as well as the roof. The the face of the building received new facial and soffit panels, as well as lighting. Under the new soffit, a new sidewalk with an ADA ramp was poured. Drop ceilings were installed in the offices, a ceiling “Cloud” in the entry, and exposed painted decking through the hallway.

The last step was to bring in all new furniture. Sit-stand desks throughout give the employees the option to work at their desks either on their feet or in a chair. With construction complete, we now have 11 office rooms, 2 conference rooms, 3 bathrooms, lunchroom and a kitchen.

Thank you to all who helped with our remodel. We are very proud of the finished product, and look forward to many more years in our home office.