DuPont West Feed Dryer Replacement


DuPont West Feed Dryer Replacement


Due to extremely tight and restrictive work areas, all aspects of this project required extensive preparation from start to finish, which made this project a perfect fit for the Williams team. The plant was able to keep construction areas in regular operation using two short, coordinated shutdowns with the Williams Team. The project included: demolition of existing equipment and structure, installation off 22 drilled piers, construction of heavy concrete foundations for feed dryer tower, erection of 120’ tall structural steel tower using approx. 500 tons of steel, assembly and setting of baghouses, modification of existing equipment and installation of new fans, blowers, conveyors, pumps, piping and instrumentation. This project is a great example of why Williams Construction is known as the Critical Project Specialist. Our management team spent over 400 hours on just the proposal itself to ensure that all specifics were covered and that the client was clear on how we would successfully complete this project.

Key Stats:

  • 6200 working hours
  • Zero recordable safety incidents