Paint Booth Installation


This six-month project consisted of 9,652 labor-hours from the Williams team, all recorded safe hours. The project consisted of demolition of the existing paint booth. Placement of new footings for structural steel going through the roof deck, installation of platform rooftop air-handling units. The electrical and mechanical were also relocated, which included fire alarm protection and the installation of a new two-hour protective firewall.

Central Plains Cement – Tulsa, OK – Stacker, Reclaimer, Hopper and Conveyor Foundations


The project consisted of site preparation and installation of foundations for raw material stacker, reclaimer, hoppers and conveying systems. Williams excavated approximately 5000 cubic yards of limestone for foundation installation and placed approximately 2200 cubic yards of flowable fill and 2800 cubic yards of concrete. Key Stats: 13,400 man hours expended Zero hours of lost time due to safety incidents

Triumph Aerostructures G650 Rearrangement


Williams relocated tooling fixtures and reconfigured work platforms associated with the Gulfstream G650 Program. The team also installed utility distribution structures to support compressed air and electrical services. Key Stats: 1000 man hours Zero hours of lost time due to safety incidents

Spirit AeroSystems Skin Mill Foundation


This project involved the installation of a foundation system for a 250’-0” x 30’-0” skin mill in an existing, occupied building. The foundation system was five to seven feet thick with embedded wide flange beams at 2’-0” on center. Along each side and down the length of the foundation were conveyor trenches. These trenches were poured monolithic with the foundation. The pour was 720 cubic yards placed and finished in 14...