Tandem Dumper Replacement


Removal and demolition of a tandem set of railcar dumpers and replace them with a new set that was assembled outside of the building and lifted into place with a 400-ton crawler crane. Removed and replaced a railcar positioner. Removed and replaced the grizzly system below the tandem dumper set. Removed and replaced the entire drive system. The removal and replacement was completed in a 21-day outage.

GRDA Carbon Injection System Installation


The Williams Construction Team installed a complete activated carbon injection system in a large coal fired power generating facility. This project included construction of structural steel foundations, storage silos, air compressors, air dryers, piping, pipe racks and product transport systems. The team also replaced the induced draft fan rotors and precipitator isolation dampers. Key Stats: 46800 man hours completed Zero hours of lost time due to safety incidents

Arkansas Power Plant Stacker Reclaimer Maintenance


This time sensitive project was completed in 12 days during a plant outage. This project involved heavy maintenance and parts replacements for a coal stacker reclaimer. Key Stats: 500 man hours Zero hours of lost time due to safety incidents