Tandem Dumper Replacement


Removal and demolition of a tandem set of railcar dumpers and replace them with a new set that was assembled outside of the building and lifted into place with a 400-ton crawler crane. Removed and replaced a railcar positioner. Removed and replaced the grizzly system below the tandem dumper set. Removed and replaced the entire drive system. The removal and replacement was completed in a 21-day outage.

CPKelco Fermenter Steel Replacement


During this project, Williams Construction replaced eroded and corroded steel members in an elevated structure during facility operation. All work was performed in an operating facility with no impact to the continuous operation of the plant. Key Stats: 6500 man hours Zero hours of lost time due to safety incidents

Spirit AeroSystems Skin Mill Foundation


This project involved the installation of a foundation system for a 250’-0” x 30’-0” skin mill in an existing, occupied building. The foundation system was five to seven feet thick with embedded wide flange beams at 2’-0” on center. Along each side and down the length of the foundation were conveyor trenches. These trenches were poured monolithic with the foundation. The pour was 720 cubic yards placed and finished in 14...

Phillips 66 101G HVAC Upgrade & Facility Build Back


For this project, Williams Construction converted an existing refining building to a state of the art lubrication research facility. All activities for this project were coordinated with the client through 10 phases, to ensure the research building could remain occupied and functioning throughout the entire project. The Williams Construction Team retrofitted the building to accept the HVAC upgrade by demolishing the existing air handler and structural steel platform to allow for...